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House Wash Auckland

House Washing-Low Pressure

Let us make your house the shiny one on the street again.It is a technique which our professionals use together with biodegradable agents and low pressure method with care. This technique works on almost all popular cladding in Wellington-timber, bricks, concrete.

House Washing Wellington

Commercial Building Wash

We have professionals who specializes in many forms of commercial building exterior cleaning- Exterior washing, driveway and parking area cleaning, pavements, and concrete area cleaning.

House Washing Nz

Driveway & Concrete Cleaning

The beautiful looking timer deck and concrete/ pathways can wrap into a dull look due to over a period build of moss, lichen, dirt and mould. Leaving it too late will not only give your home a bad look but it will also slowly rot them.

Commercial Building Wash

Deck & Fence Cleaning

Your roof is made to last so do not let the moss, mould and pollutants damage it lot earlier than it is meant to. Save big $$$ of replacing the roof by simply getting it cleaned or treated by our professionals regularly.

Building Washing Services

Gutter & Spouting Cleaning

Get rid of those leaves, mud and moss from your gutter and roof.These can worsen overtime and not only it gives a bad look to your home it also slowly damages your gutter, roof and drainage system. Leave these worries to us while you enjoy your free time and walk in to your neat home again.

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